Art of Eduardo Lapetina

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"We are still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Forced by the virus and considering my age (80!) and my autoimmune conditions, I had a pause in our incessant life voyage. I was in complete isolation and mostly working in my studio. It was an opportunity to connect with the outside world through my paintings. I wanted the present work to be the catalyst to rethink the significance of our future and to stimulate ideas and dialogue. To have a fresh outlook with an explosion of vibrant colors, impactful textures and messages of hope.

I also wanted to interpret color as a tangible form, yet simultaneously retain a dichotomy of fluidity giving way to shifting patterns mirroring a harmony resonating with emotional feeling.

I want my journey in art to be a natural orchestration of my experiences and emotions."

Paintings by Eduardo Lapetina can be seen at

121 North Churton St.
Hillsborough, NC 27278
"My paintings are soul-scapes that are the product of working in complete solitude. They represent the discovery of mysteries of the subconscious mind, and they are part of my personal legend. These abstractions hold the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles, and will. It is the magic of a private, secret, and confidential language."

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